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Hey babes, welcome to Sustainable Slag!  I started this page because I am starting to feel a bit cynical about the state of the world, and well... I have a lot of thoughts.  I’d like to think that we’re all concerned about climate change.  From snow in Santa Barbara to a mini tornado in LA, this year has been far from normal.  The unfortunate reality is that we are continuing in this direction.  While I do believe that it is the responsibility of the government and big businesses to create substantial change, I also know that we as consumers hold a certain power over these systems.  Despite an imperfect track record, I am putting my best foot forward in hopes of a greener future and hope you will all join me on the journey.


I don’t believe living sustainably always implies minimalism.  I too am a lover of fashion and beauty.  I believe in the power of feeling confident and the impact that can have on our experiences in day to day life.  Think of this as my girls guide to living your best life that you can really feel good about.  As always, take what advice resonates and leave the rest.



Sustainable Slag

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